Jailhouse Video Sheds Light On Bizarre Kidnapping Case

Jailhouse surveillance footage has emerged of the parents accused of a bizarre kidnapping that landed their kids in Cuba. Now, INSIDE EDITION reports the latest twist involving an apparent cover-up in jail.

Surveillance video of a touching jail cell reunion between a husband and wife has just been released.

In the video, the couple hugs and kisses, then whispers about the case that landed them in their situation.

The husband Josh said, “Be careful what you say to your cellmates.”
His wife, Sharyn replied, “About this?”
He said, “Yeah, no one can know about this.”
Sharyn replied, “I know, I know, I know.”

Prosecutors in Tampa, Florida have now released a trove of evidence against Josh and Sharyn Hakken, who were arrested for kidnapping their two young sons in April.    

The adorable boys, two-year-old Cole and four-year-old Chase, charmed the nation at a news conference after their safe recovery. They were in the legal custody of their grandparents when they were taken.

Their grandmother told 911, “My son-in-law just kidnapped my two grandchildren. They're under the state custody. He's not supposed to be near them. He tied me up.”

Prosecutors say the Hakkens used a sailboat equipped with two car seats to sail from Florida to Cuba with the boys. When the boat docked in Havana, Cuban authorities arrested the Hakkens and put them on a plane back to the U.S. and in jail.

Josh told his wife in the video, “Sorry we didn't just start the engine and try to make a run for it.”

On the jail cell video, Sharyn cried to Josh that maybe she should not have spoken to cops.

Sharyn said, “I said too much on the plane.”
Josh replied, “It's ok.”
She replied, “I'm sorry.”
He said, “It's ok.”

In the video, they also professed their undying love for each other. That was six months ago. They pled not guilty and Josh was forced to shave his beard that gave him a scary look.

But another shocking twist is a letter Sharyn wrote to a woman she just met in jail, who she calls her "soul mate" writing, "I love you so much ... I am 100% committed to you and our relationship."

Now, many are wondering what happened to this loving couple who once hugged and caressed each other.