Face Transplant Patient and Burn Victim Find Love

Out of tragedy comes unconditional love for Dallas Wiens and Jamie Nash, who met in the hospital while recovering from horrifying injuries. INSIDE EDITION meets the happy couple.

It was a magical moment as a couple tied the knot in front of a packed church. It's a love story that has inspired people across the country.

The groom, Dallas Wiens, made headlines after getting the nation's first full face transplant. Dallas was burned and blinded when he touched a live power line in a construction accident at a church.

His bride, Jamie Nash, is a burn victim too, with third and fourth degree burns scarring 70 percent of her body. She crashed her car when she was texting and driving near Fort Worth, Texas.

Jamie showed INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret the horrific video of the crash from the police dashcam.

"When I lost control, I knew this is it. It was bad," said Jamie.

She explained to Moret, "I'm in the drivers side, trapped."

On the video Jamie can be heard screaming from inside the burning car.

After their accidents, Jamie and Dallas were each rushed to Parkland Memorial Hospital in critical condition where they faced the very real prospect of dying. But they got a new lease on life and a second chance at happiness when they met there and fell in love.
"Oh, he has much personality in that face," noted Jamie.

Today, two years and 40 surgeries later, Dallas has glass eyes, new lips and a new nose. Incredibly, Dallas prefers his new face and his new life.
Moret asked, "You almost make it sound like, if you could have your old face back, you wouldn't."

"I wouldn't. I wouldn't go back to my old life. I wouldn't go back to my old set of friends. I wouldn't go back to my face," said Dallas.

Despite his disabilities, Dallas is fiercely independent. He shaves himself because his transplanted face came with a full beard, muscles and nerves. He even helps Jamie by brushing her hair and wrapping bandages on her bad leg.

And the location of the wedding may surprise you. It's the very same church where Dallas had his accident and lost his face. In an amazing feat of courage, it is where Dallas chose to say 'I do' to Jamie.

Dallas told Moret, "The worst event in my life happened at that church, and the beginning of my new life should happen at that church, and that's how I made the decision."

Jamie designed her own wedding gown, specifically to accentuate her scars.

"Why did you design the dress the way you did?" asked Moret.

Jamie replied, "My scars are who I am and I'm not gonna hide from anybody."

Jamie now travels the country warning young people about the dangers of texting and driving. She wears open toed shoes to show how she lost most of her foot in the crash.

"They saved my face, to be the face today to show you guys what texting and driving looks like," she tells a group of students.

But Jamie and Dallas refuse to dwell on the past and are concentrating on their future together. You might say love is not so blind after all.