Mermaid Meets Merman

Melissa Dawn and Antonio Padilla are living proof that fairy tales do come true. INSIDE EDITION goes swimming with the mermaid-merman couple.

Melissa Dawn is a real-life mermaid swimming among the creatures of the sea.

She told INSIDE EDITION, "I live, breathe, eat, sleep and dream about mermaids all the time. It's a part of my life since I was a child."

Dawn actually makes a living as a professional mermaid, performing at private parties and corporate events. Her colorful silicone tails are tailor-made to fit her body. Each one costs $5,000.

Watch our interview with the mermaid and her merman.
And if you think she's pretty special, her story is about to get even more magical. You see, this mermaid is in love with—what else—a merman.

Her boyfriend is Antonio Padilla. And yes—he's a merman—really.

"There is magic there. It's truly the Little Mermaid meeting Prince Eric," said Dawn. "Only, instead of me going out on land to find my man, my merman came to the water to find me."

The couple met when they worked together at SeaWorld in Orlando, Florida.

Dawn has a team of mermaids who perform in her show. Everyone has their own custom tail, and they're not easy to put on. First, the mermaids have to slather their legs with hair conditioner, and then squeeze into the skin tight suits.

They swim together in formation. But it's pretty clear, Melissa and Antonio are the star attraction. It's a fairytale romance being lived out under the sea.