Mother's Crusade To Solve Missing Baby Case

After a distraught mother found an opportunity to confront the father of their missing child who disappeared two years ago, she is now speaking to INSIDE EDITION to bring national attention to the case.

The desperate mom who chased her ex down the street, shouting about their beautiful missing baby girl, is now speaking to INSIDE EDITION.

Trista Reynolds wants everyone to know what happened to her 20-month old daughter Ayla, who vanished in Portland, Maine, two years ago.

"I didn't get the answers that I wanted. Maybe it was pointless that I even tried. But it did give me some power to even try," she said.

She told INSIDE EDITION she confronted the toddler's father, Justin DiPietro, when he showed up for an unrelated court appearance, so she could bring attention to her story.

"I need justice served for her and I need people prosecuted for what they did to her," she said.

Little Ayla went missing in December, 2011, after DiPietro told cops he put her to bed when she spent the night at his home.

He appeared on the Today show in 2012 to face growing questions about her disappearance, he insists he had nothing to do with it.

DiPietro was asked, "Can you give us a sense why you are coming forward now?"

He replied, "I was advised by coming on and doing an interview, by law enforcement, it could possibly hinder the investigation."

But Trista says police investigators have told her they found traces of Ayla's blood in DiPietro's house. She's frustrated no one has been arrested.

She said, "When I close my eyes now, all I see is her blood."

The case is sparking angry accusations on both sides. DiPietro's mother, the missing girl's grandmother, got right back in Trista's face outside the courthouse.

"There was more anger than emotion. It was just pure anger," said Trista.

Trista broke down in tears as she showed us photos of her precious daughter, who cops say is now presumed dead.

"I just miss her. I miss having her at home. I miss waking up to her. I just miss her," she said.

This devastated mom says she'll do whatever it takes to find the truth about her missing child.