Miss Teen USA Responds To Hacker Arrest

Cassidy Wolf tells INSIDE EDITION her reaction to finding out that the person who allegedly cyber-stalked her is a high school classmate.

A distraught Cassidy Wolf, the current Miss Teen USA is reacting to news that the person who allegedly cyber-stalked her turns out to be one of her classmates from high school.

Watch Wolf's Reaction To Accused Hacker Arrest

"He knew everything about me. Everything," Wolf told INSIDE EDITION. "In my head, I'd created this horific monster. How could somebody do this to me? What kind of person could do this to me? But, to find out it was the boy next door, somebody I went to high school with."

Nineteen-year-old Jared Abrahams surrendered to FBI agents yesterday. He allegedly used computer spyware to take control over her computer camera to shoot nude photos and video of Cassidy Wolf, who recently moved to New York.

Wolf told INSIDE EDITION, "I never talked to him. We never had any social interaction."

Miss Teen USA and Jared Abrahams both graduated last year from Great Oak High School in Temecula, California. But he was practically a stranger to her.

"It's weird that he was so close, but yet, he was doing this horrific thing at the same time," said Wolf.

According to authorities, Abrahams hacked into Cassidy Wolf's laptop computer, turned on the  webcam and took intimate photos that he threatened to publicly post.

The suspect's lawyer, Alan Eisner, told reporters, "The family wants to apologize for the consequences of his behavior, to the families that were affected."

Eighteen-year-old Maxine Lagrimas from Great Oak High says she was hacked by Abrahams while she was skyping with her boyfriend.

"I was terrified to find out that someone had been watching me for the past year or so," said Lagrimas.

Abrahams suffers from autism. He apparently hacked into computers with ease, says John Lucich, founder of snoopingalert.com.

Lucich explained to INSIDE EDITION, "He utilized software to create an email to send to her that had an attachment in it. She opens that attachment and all of a sudden, he gains access to her computer. Which means he can turn on any product, including a webcam application."

He shows us just how easy it is. Lucich sent a link to an INSIDE EDITION employee. She clicked on it, and just like that, he had access to her webcam, right in her bedroom.

But software developed by Lucich prevents hacking. It sends you warning text if you're being hacked.

Meanwhile, Miss Teen USA is still having trouble believing the person who invaded her privacy turned out to be a classmate.

"I never, ever expected this to happen to me. It is a nightmare," said Wolf.