Firefighter Drops Baby From Burning Building In Heroic Rescue

While a building was ablaze with a baby trapped inside, quick-thinking firefighters jumped into action. INSIDE EDITION reunited the baby and her hero.

An apartment building was in flames and there was a little girl trapped inside. The mother let out terrified screams.

Then a firefighter shouted, “Drop the kid! Drop her. Drop her. I got her!”

A hero firefighter held the child, who was wearing just a diaper, over a railing and dropped her safely into the arms of another firefighter down below. What an incredible rescue.

INSIDE EDITION was with the girl and her family on Friday where she was safe in her mother's arms.

The girl's name is Ledia Brent and she's three years old. We reunited her with the firefighters who rescued her.

Ledia's rescue was recorded by a camera mounted on a firefighter’s helmet. The footage is used to show recruits what it's really like to fight a fire.

Ledia's big brother, Jonathan, is also being hailed a hero. He raised the alarm when the fire started at 2 a.m. and was running door-to-door in the building. Jonathan is being credited with saving the lives of his neighbors, his mom, and three siblings.

His mother said, "I am very proud. His dad is very proud."

The family is now living in a motel. They lost everything in the fire. But it could have been so much worse if not for these quick-thinking men and a brave little boy.