Robin Williams Beats Michael J. Fox In Ratings

The return of TV legends, Robin Williams and Michael J. Fox created a lot of buzz, but Williams came out top of the ratings battle. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

It was a TV battle of the giants.

Robin Williams, starring in his first regular series since Mork & Mindy, going head-to-head with Michael J. Fox, who plays a former TV news anchor sidelined by Parkinson's disease.

The result—not even close. Robin Williams won hands down.

The Crazy Ones, which co-stars Sarah Michelle Gellar, was watched by 15.6 million viewers on CBS, while Michael J. Fox drew an audience of less than half that, with 7.3 million viewers on NBC.

michael j fox

Media expert Mary Murphy told INSIDE EDITION, "For Robin Williams, this is a major comeback. He hasn't been on television in decades."

Robin Williams was given a big boost by the hour-long season premiere of The Big Bang Theory, which drew a huge audience of close to 19 million.   

The good news for Michael J. Fox is he won't be head-to-head with Robin Williams' new show every Thursday. Next week he takes on Two-And-A-Half Men.