Meet The Hottest Bachelors Of Washington D.C.

INSIDE EDITION tracked down the hottest bachelors of Washington D.C. Now, it's up to viewers to vote for their favorite.

There's a lot more than politics heating up our nation's capitol.

The guys got suited up for a photo shoot with photographer Valerie Johnson at Vida Fitness in Washington, D.C. 

To get ready for their close-ups, they dropped and gave us push-ups and crunches.

Kyle Yunaska is an accounting manager for a non-profit. The 29-year-old is ready to settle down.

"My whole life would be a huge disaster if I didn't have a family and kids," said Yunaska.

Forty-two-year-old Jason Kessler is a Program Executive for N.A.S.A. He travels the country raising awareness about the dangers of asteroids hurling towards Earth, like what we saw in Russia.    

"I would say that I'm looking for somebody that's going to push me to be the best I can be every day," said Kessler.

Twenty-seven-year-old Lawrence Sidbury is a linebacker in the NFL. The D.C. native is on the injured reserve list for the Indianapolis Colts.

Sidbury said, "I like going to comedy shows and get a good laugh."

Mitchell Greenberg is an attorney.

And 24-year-old Ronald Bristol cashes in on his good looks. He's a model.

Twenty-nine-year-old Max Major is a magician, and he's ready to work his magic on your heart.  

Major told INSIDE EDITION, "I can be really stubborn. So, often times I need a woman who is going to question my actions."

Howard R. Jean is a professor at the University of the District of Columbia. 

If one of the bachelors looks familiar to Washingtonians, he should. He's Russ Ptacek, Investigative Reporter for WUSA9. He told us what he loves to do when he's not chasing down bad guys.  

"I like to cook. I'm a good cook," admits Ptacek.

Chris Waiters is a senior at Howard University.

Armando Miller just enlisted in the army.

Walt Schwenk is a television production manager.

Toman Napitupulu is a lover, but he's also a fighter. He teaches Thai kickboxing.

Wil Lash is 39. He's a corporate recruiter and co-host of a D.C.-based webcast. He told us what he's looking for in a woman, saying, "For me, it's confidence."

They all get our vote for the hottest bachelors in D.C.

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