'Breaking Bad' Ends With High Acclaim

After five seasons, the cable drama Breaking Bad came to an end and critics are calling it one of the greatest series of all-time. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

Many are calling the Breaking Bad finale a smash.

Savannath Guthrie on the Today show said, "They tied it up with a bow and with a bang!"

People magazine called the last episode "exhilarating." Rolling Stone magazine said it was "flawless." The Daily Beast headline praised the finale as "One Of The All-Time Greats.”

On Live with Kelly and Michael, Kelly Ripa asked, "Do you know what happened? You don't want me to say anything?" Michael Strahan chimed in and said, "She won't, but I will!"

Don't worry we are not going to give away the ending, since many people who recorded the show haven't watched it yet.  

TV Guide's Steve Battaglio said, "10.4 million people watched the Breaking Bad finale on Sunday night. I wouldn't be surprised if another five million watch it over the next week because they have it on DVR."

Jimmy Kimmel tweeted: “Why does it have to end?”

Seth Meyers added: “Thanks, Breaking Bad.”

Billionaire Warren Buffet, a big fan, tweeted a photo of himself dressed as the show's star Bryan Cranston, complete with hat, glasses and goatee.

But not everyone loved the finale.
“I'm intensely disappointed at the ending of Breaking Bad,” read one tweet.

Others compare it to less-than-satisfying endings of other hit shows like The Sopranos controversial cut to black and the jail-house ending of Seinfeld.

Bryan Cranston is thanking fans for their support of Breaking Bad saying, “Thank you for sharing this ride with me. Without you we never would have lasted.”

Now, a piece of Cranston’s past has come into light. A Preparation H ad from the early 1980’s featured Cranston. How times have changed for the star of a show now being hailed as one of the best in TV history.