Couple Zip Lines Down The Aisle

One daredevil couple took exchanging vows to the extreme as they zip lined down the aisle. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

A daredevil bride and groom turned their wedding march into an adventure by zip lining down the aisle. Their guests cheered them on from below.

But, the big moment came to a screeching halt when the zip line malfunctioned and the couple got stuck. They were forced to use their hands to pull themselves to the end. The bride's rainbow socks and sneakers could be seen as she dragged herself along.

INSIDE EDITION spoke to Lauren and Ben Youngkin of Asheville, North Carolina.

Lauren said, "It is a helpless feeling because you cannot make yourself go faster. Ben was so sweet, he voluntarily stopped with me. He didn't want me to be left alone."

They shook off the hold-up to say their vows.  

Believe it or not, this isn't the first zip line mishap at a wedding. One groom actually crashed into his bride and fell off the zip line.

Let's hope their marriages are far less bumpy than their wedding day stunts.

Ben said, "The embarrassment went away really quickly. We were going to have fun no matter what happened."