Swarm Of Motocyclists Chase Driver

A Sunday drive turned to terror when a father driving his wife and baby was surrounded by a mass of bikers. INSIDE EDITION reports.

It was terror as a driver with his wife and five-month-old son was surrounded by a gang of bikers.

The drama started when the banker behind the wheel of the luxury Range Rover found himself in a nightmare situation.
A helmet-cam captured the whole thing.

Cops say the bikers deliberately brought traffic to a halt on one of the busiest highways in America, the West Side Highway in Manhattan.

The Range Rover driver pulled away in apparent panic and ran over one of the bikes. The Range Rover took off with the bikers in hot pursuit.

They roared up the highway that runs along the west side of Manhattan. Two miles further on, the motorcyclists force the Range Rover to stop. A furious biker actually yanked opened the door, and the Range Rover driver took off again. The bikers gave chase, this time through the streets of Manhattan.

Finally, the Range Rover came to a halt because of traffic. A biker stopped, pulled off his helmet and smashed in the window.

Jesse Erlbaum runs a biker safety organization called the New York Motorcyle and Scooter Task Force.

Erlbaum told INSIDE EDITION's Paul Boyd, "If I were that father, I'd be absolutely terrified. This is the worst nightmare."

Boyd asked, "This just gives every motorcycle rider out there a bad name, doesn't it?"

"Absolutely," Erlbaum agreed. "To them, it's a big social event, it's a big laugh."

The couple at the center of the drama, Alexian Lien, 33, and wife, Rosyln Ng were in the Range Rover with their son. Incredibly, the drama happened on their first wedding anniversary.

Police say the dad was treated for cuts and released this morning from the hospital. They say none of the bikers were injured.

The bikers are believed to have been taking part in an annual mass ride known as the Hollywood Block Party.

There was an unbelievable scene at last year's event, when hundreds and hundreds of bikers turned Times Square into their own private playground. Tourists couldn't believe their eyes as the neverending stream of bikes brought the Crossroads of the World to a standstill, creating a huge cloud of smoke as some of the bikers burned rubber.

It's not the first time a biker group has blocked a highway. In Southern California, some 400 motorcyclists shut down an interstate so one of them could propose to his girlfriend.

Many people who have seen the horrifying new video on social media are backing the Range Rover driver.

"Don't threaten a man's family," says one.

Another wrote: "He had his family to defend."

INSIDE EDITION asked former NYPD officer Patrick Brosnan, what the driver should have done in such an intimidating situation.

Brosnan said, "He should immediately call 911, or have his wife call 911. He should try to drive to a police precinct, and the whole time give his coordinates and the facts to the 911 operator, and a state police car or an NYPD car would intercept that."