Captain Phillips Harrowing Story Hits The Big Screen

INSIDE EDITION caught up with the real-life Captain Phillips at the premiere of the movie starring Tom Hanks as the brave ship captain who survived capture by Somali pirates.

The real Captain Phillips, the hero whose dramatic rescue from the hands of Somali pirates is told in the new movie starring Tom Hanks, spoke to INSIDE EDITION at the premiere.

Watch The Real Captain Phillips Discuss The Film

Tom Hanks and Captain Phillips himself were on the red carpet together at the movie's premiere.

The whole nation rejoiced after the daring rescue of Richard Phillips by Navy SEALs in April 2009.

Captain Phillips and his cargo ship, were seized by Somali pirates. Unable to steer the giant vessel, the gunmen fled in a motorized lifeboat.

The pirates took Phillips hostage and the drama ended when Navy SEAL snipers shot the pirates dead from the deck of the USS Bainbridge.

The decision to use deadly force was made by President Obama himself, who had been in office for just three months.

President Obama said in a press conference at the time, "I want to take a moment to say how pleased I am about the rescue of Captain Phillips to the U.S. this weekend."

Captain Phillips says Tom Hanks spent many hours with him, getting to know every detail of his life.

"We chatted like a guy who was telling me stories about his career and this week he was at sea," said Hanks. 

Phillips said, "He is very much a regular guy. He's a pretty good guy, and that enables him to play different roles the ordinary guy in an extraordinary situation."