Good, Scary Fun, On The Job?

A grocery store employee loved scaring his co-worker to record her blood-curdling screams. Is it all in good fun, or is it bullying? INSIDE EDITION has the story.

One woman was scared over and over again. For two entire years, Evelyn Dayton was frightened out of her mind.

So who is freaking her out?  It was actually one of her co-worker's, Jonathan Smith.

She said, “I'm not generally a nervous person. But I startle easily.”

Evelyn and Jonathan worked together at a grocery store in Los Angeles. Jonathan says once he discovered how incredibly easy it was to startle Evelyn and prompt that blood curdling scream straight out of a horror movie, he couldn't resist scaring her.

He recorded the deafening screams on his cell phone.

Even though she is being a good sport about being scared, a lot of people think it's just wrong.

INSIDE EDITION’s Jim Moret said to Jonathan, “A lot of people have seen this video online. Some people say this is mean. This is bullying.”

He replied, “I never thought it would come off that way. It was just me being silly with my friend.”

Jonathan is also a commercial actor. He played a bad guy in a Taylor Swift music video aptly called "Mean."  

But Evelyn says she forgives him for being mean to her on the job, saying it's all just plain good scary fun.