Government Shutdown Elicits Late Night Jokes

The government shutdown is serious business, but that didn't stop the late night comics from having a field day with it. INSIDE EDITION has more.

David Letterman, joked on The Late Show,  "Do you care that the government's shutting down? I thought they were shut down!"

A funny joke about a not-so-funny matter—the fact that the federal government has officially shut down!

A steaming-mad President Obama vented his anger today in a press conference saying,  "My basic message to Congress is this: pass a budget and end the government shutdown!"

And when the official word came down at midnight, nobody could quite believe it!

"It is now midnight, and the great government of the United States is now closed!" said Louise Slaughter, a Democrat representative from New York.

"They've lost their minds!" said Harry Reid, Senate Majority Leader.

Bad news for politicians, but great news for the late-night comics.

Letterman continued to joke,  "The last time Americans cared about anything was when they shut down the Twinkie factory!"

Arsenio Hall joked, "I don't know much about politics, but I'm pretty sure if the government shut down, we don't have to pay taxes!"

Conservative pundit Glenn Beck shed fake tears over the shutdown, "I hate to bring you the bad news, but the national parks are gonna close! They're gonna gouge the eyes out of anybody who tries to look out at Mount Rushmore! It's going to happen."

Ordinary citizens went on YouTube to express their frustration.

"Hell, I think we should put a clapper on the government to turn it off and on anytime we want! Clap on. Clap off," joked a video uploader on YouTube.

In the midst of the madness, Jay Leno may have put it best when he joked, "The Republicans are pointing the finger at the Democratics, the Democrats are pointing the finger at the Republicans, and the Americans are pointing the middle finger at both of them."