Casey Kasem's Family Says Wife Has Shut Them Out

Is radio legend Casey Kasem a prisoner in his own home? His children claim Kasem's wife won't allow them to see him. INSIDE EDITION talks to the family.

A family feud turned nasty as cops busted up a protest outside the Bel Air mansion of legendary broadcaster Casey Kasem.

"We just want to see him, that's it. We don't want anything except to see my dad," said Casey's eldest daughter, Kerri, through tears.

Watch our interview with Casey Kasem's family.

Friends and family of the man who pioneered Top 40 radio are demanding to see the ailing 81-year-old star who is dying from advanced Parkinson's disease. They describe Casey's much younger wife, Jean, as a trophy wife who has completely cut them out of Casey's life.

"I want to put my arms around him and tell him we love him and she said, 'No.' I don't know why," said

Kerri is taking her feud with Jean public along with Casey's brother, Mouner, and his closest friends.

Mouner said, "I'm here today to hopefully see my brother again which I'm scared isn't going to happen."

Kerri said,  "We want to see our dad, that's it. We don't want his money; we're not in the will. We're not asking for anything except to be able to see and care for my father."

Casey had made his fortune as the creator and host of American Top 40. Casey built a grand mansion for Jean, his wife of 33 years.

Jean took INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret on a tour of the estate when she put it on the market for $42 million last April. Casey was nowhere to be seen. Only an original Andy Warhol portrait depicting Casey was evidence he lived here. In Casey's bedroom, they have a separate His and Her's master suite.

But Casey's longtime producer, Gonzalo Venecia, claimed that the plush bedroom is now Casey's prison.

"He's not only imprisoned by the disease in his body, but he's also imprisoned within his home and isolated from the people who give him joy and love," said Venecia.

The family told us all they want is to see Casey one last time.

"I'd hug him and tell him I love him," said Mouner.

"We just love him, we're here for him, and we haven't gone anywhere," said Kerri.