Protecting Yourself From An Angry Biker Mob

The incident involving a Range Rover and a group of bikers has left many people saying, “That could have been me.” INSIDE EDITION gets advice from an expert on what you should do.

INSIDE EDITION is learning more about that terrifying confrontation between a family and dozens of bikers that is shocking the nation.

Cops arrested a biker who they say started the confrontation by stopping in front of the Range Rover driven by wealthy Manhattan banker Alexian Lien. His wife and two-year-old daughter were also in the vehicle.  

The biker, Christopher Cruz, was released on $15,000 bail on Wednesday.

His lawyer, H. Benjamin Perez said, "My client had nothing to with what happened to this gentleman. He does not know the people who beat this gentleman up."

The Manhattan D.A. is declining to prosecute a second biker who had a white helmet who was seen pounding on the Range Rover. He turned himself in and expressed regret for his role, but was cut loose, pending a further investigation of the incident.

The panicked Range Rover driver ran over one biker, leaving him paralyzed and in a comatose state.

The terrifying confrontation continues to spark reaction that runs the gamut on the INSIDE EDITION Facebook page with comments.

One viewer said, "Hope the driver goes to jail."

Another said, "The bikers are totally at fault."

So what should you do if you're being chased down the highway with guys like those on your tail?

INSIDE EDITION’s Megan Alexander got behind the wheel of a Range Rover with security expert David Boehm.

Alexander asked, "What should I do if this happens to me?"

Boehm said, "First thing you want to do is lock your door. Pull up your window and start calling 911 and give them the location to where you are at so police can respond."

The first security tip seems like a no-brainer. Simply lock your doors. But, the Range Rover driver apparently didn't do that and a furious biker was able to yank open his door during the wild chase.

Boehm said, "Try to remain calm. It is very, very important."

Next tip is call 911 and remain on the line. The 911 operator can help you find the nearest police station and direct cops to you.

If possible, take cell phone photos of what's happening around you. That will help nab the bad guys.

Boehm said, "You want to be able to give this information to police. You want to be able to give your side of the story to what is happening to you."

Finally, do not stop or get off the highway. The Range Rover driver got off at an exit and that's when he was cornered and pulled from the vehicle and savagely beaten.

Boehm said, "It is a big mistake, If you can stay on the highway, you want to remain on the highway. You want to keep your vehicle moving as much as possible."

Remember that it's your big car versus a small motorcycle. You have the edge.