Living With a Tiger

INSIDE EDITION checks out a family from Brazil who actually lives with a Tiger!

This huge tiger is treated like a dog. He eats dinner with the whole family, hangs out while the kids get ready to go out and even takes a tip in the backyard pool.

And while some of his neighbors in Brazil are furious about having to live so close to a giant wild beast, Ary Barges says they have nothing to worry about. He says the 500 pound cat is so gentle that he lets him in the same room as his grandchildren.  The tiger even lets the families other pet, a tiny chihuahua, sit on his back.

And you might not think a tiger would be a neat dinner guest, but he is. And can you imagine giving a tiger a pedicure? Not an easy task.

Ary also found that trying to take him for a ride in a pickup truck was more then he could handle.