Shots Fired Near U.S. Capitol Building

Amid the government shutdown, shots rang out on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. as a female driver tried to ram the gates of the White House. INSIDE EDITION reports.

There was terror on Capitol Hill as shots rang out.

Lawmakers and staffers were ordered to "shelter in place" as fears of a mass shooting spread.

According to reports, a woman tried to ram the gates of the White House. At least one police officer was reportedly hurt.

Fox News reported, "The suspect vehicle did not adhere to orders from the Secret Service and the White House, and tried to ram the barricades there. The chase ensued down Constitution [Avenue]. The suspect was a woman and had a child in the car."

The fear can be seen in the photo as civilians ran for safety under cover of Capitol Hill police.

Another image shows officers taking up sniper positions.

The drama comes amid rising tension over the government shutdown.

ABC News reported, "We have no idea what this person's motivation was, what was going on. But, obviously, it does happen at a time of very high tension."

"Shots fired outside the capitol," Senator Claire McCaskill tweeted. "We are in temporary lockdown."

Representative Martha Roby said, "Please say a prayer. Reports of people hurt."

And Nancy Pelosi tweeted: "Please stay safe."

The White House has come under attack before. Remember the shooting from 1994 when a 26-year-old hotel worker was tackled after he fired 20-30 rounds with an assault rifle.

The president was briefed on the situation and an intelligence source was quoted saying there was no tie to terrorism.