Get a Bikini Body with these Decadent Recipes!

INSIDE EDITION talks to Joy Bauer about her new cookbook that she says allows you to eat rich, decadent foods and still lose weight.

Imagine having an amazing bikini body while sipping a rich chocolate milkshake and enjoying macaroni and cheese!

Joy Bauer says, "You can absolutely eat rich, decadent, delicious over the top food and still be in the best shape of your life."

Andrea Dinowitz lost 40 pounds in 3 months following the rich recipes from nutritionist Joy Bauer's latest cookbook Slim and Scrumptious.

"I love all these recipes and I don't feel like I'm depriving myself.  Every time I prepare a meal I feel like I'm splurging," Andrea said.

Andrea's favorite meal is macaroni and cheese.  She cuts calories from this usually fattening dish by using whole wheat macaroni, reduced fat cheese, and skim milk.

"For a cup and a half of traditional macaroni and cheese it'll cost you about 850 calories and more than 40 grams of fat.  In my version, only 420 calories and 75 percent less fat," Joy says.

Joy says you can even indulge in decadent desserts without doing damage to your diet!  Her chocolate milkshake, made with fat free evaporated milk and reduced fat whipped cream, is only 150 calories.

And her scrumptious cookies have a secret ingredient.  "I trim an enormous amount of calories by using natural unsweetened applesauce," Bauer says.

Enjoy these decadent recipes and a little exercise and you will have a bikini body in no time!