Miriam Carey Identified As Driver In Capitol Hill Chase

Authorities have reported that Miriam Carey had a history of mental illness prior to getting behind the wheel of the wild car chase near Capitol Hill that ended in her death. INSIDE EDITION reports.

She's the deranged woman who was shot dead, trying to crash her way into the White House with her 18-month-old daughter in the car.

But some exclusive photos shed a very different light on Miriam Carey, a delusional woman who reportedly believed President Obama was stalking her.

Angela Windley attended dental hygienist school in New York with Carey. She recalls her friend as a warm-hearted, fun-loving woman.

"I was thinking, 'Wow, this is crazy. This is not her. This can't be her."

Carey was once photographed, delighted with her own fake Hollywood Walk of Fame star.  She was also photographed dressed up as a dental instrument for a funny sketch about dental hygiene.

Windley described Carey as "Level-headed, smart, funny, opinionated, movitiated."

Carey grew up in Brooklyn, New York, but later moved to Stamford, Connecticut.

The turning point in her life came two years ago when she suffered a fall. Her former employer, dentist Brian Evans, told us what happened.

"She had an accident, fell, and had a head injury. She found out she was pregnant during that time she was hospitalized," said Dr. Evans.

Carey seems delighted to be pregnant in one photo. But after she gave birth, things really changed.

Her mother was quoted as saying, "She had postpartum depression after having the baby. A few months later, she got sick. She was depressed. She was hospitalized."

Another ex-boss, dentist Barry Weiss, told the Today show that patients were uncomfortable with her.  

"We just had a lot of complaints about her from patients that she's a dental hygienist and she was just rough. We needed to make a change and let her go," said Weiss.

Why would Carey try to crash her way into the White House? Believe it or not, she reportedly thought President Obama was electronically monitoring her Connecticut home so he could broadcast her life on television.

Psychiatrist Dr. Gail Saltz told INSIDE EDITION, "If you're talking about the president having anything to do with you, and that makes no sense in any context, you should be getting that person to a psychiatric emergency room."

Authorities evacuated the apartment complex where Carey lived. A search of her home turned up medications to treat schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.

On Facebook, Carey had complained of her troubles with men, stating: "I need to start doing reference and background checks on men...the BS is getting tired. For all the wack men out here handing out fake resumes to chicks we are going to find out that you are wack so stop wasting our time!!!"

A law enforcement source says the father of Carey's child contacted police last December, fearing the mom was delusional. Thankfully, the little girl named Erica was not injured in the hail of bullets that took the life of her deeply troubled mother.