Raquel Welch Dishes On New Versace Role

INSIDE EDITION spoke to legendary bombshell Raquel Welch in the upcoming Lifetime move, House of Versace.

Raquel Welch has been the ultimate Hollywood bombshell ever since she burst onto the scene almost 50 years ago in that skimpy fur bikini in One Million Years B.C. and she still looks hot at 73!

So, does she still see herself as a sex symbol?

She told INSIDE EDITION’s Jim Moret, “Sex symbol?  Honey, I am so long in the tooth to be a sex symbol, no.”

Welch is excited about her latest role in the Lifetime movie House of Versace.

Gina Gershon wears a blonde wig when playing Donatella Versace. Welch plays her Aunt Lucia who is forced to take sides after Gianni Versace cuts everyone out his will just weeks before he's murdered.

Welch told Moret that playing an older Italian woman was a challenge. She said, “Most of the time, I am Raquel in a role that is a role you can see me in easily. This is not the role you say, 'She could do this easily.'”

House of Versace airs Saturday on Lifetime.