Miley Cyrus Texts Theo Wenner After SNL

INSIDE EDITION has the scoop of texts Miley Cyrus sent after her SNL hosting gig.

It's Miley Cyrus' late night mystery texts.

The pop star was at the after-party, held following her controversial hosting appearance on Saturday Night Live.

It was 2:49 in the morning, and she was texting with a guy named Theo.

"I wanna see you too," she types. "Should you have your drink-y I'll get this done and come see you."

He writes back: "That sounds like a good plan-y."

Miley replied: "What time ya thinking you'll be home-y?"

The video was shot as miley sat in a Manhattan restaurant with her back to the window.

So who's Theo? He's the photographer son of Rolling Stone magazine tycoon Jann Wenner and he's a well-known ladies man. He took a photo of Miley for Rolling Stone.

Judging by their late night texts, he and Miley are turning their relationship into something more.