From Playboy Model To High School Spanish Teacher

A high school teacher is under fire after her past as a Playboy model surfaced. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

Imagine finding out your Spanish teacher once posed for Playboy magazine!

Twenty one-year-old Cristy Nicole Deweese teaches high school spanish in Dallas.   

Two years ago, before she became a teacher, she was named "Co-Ed of the Month" in the February 2011 issue of the men's magazine. She used only her first and middle names: Cristy Nicole. During the photo shoot, she talked about her dreams of becoming a teacher.

"What are you majoring in over there?" a camera man asked Cristy.

"Spanish. I am going to be Spanish teacher," said Cristy.

Well, you just had to know one of her students would eventually find out. Sure enough, that's what happened.

Now, the Dallas school district admits it's not sure how to proceed. 

It's a "murky situation," a spokesman said, "it raises the question about whether that action violated the educators' code of ethics."

Reaction on the Dallas Morning News website was mixed.

"She should be fired," wrote one reader.

"This is clearly a violation of her morals clause in her contract," wrote another.

But Cristy has her supporters:

"It's sad that someone who has done nothing illegal is now being vilified."

Cristy has not commented. For the time being, she is still teaching Spanish.