Real Estate Agents Turn Hollywood

Some real estate agents are going to great lengths, producing films with high-end estates in the starring role. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

This home offers a chance to live the beautiful life. A virtual tour of the listing shows a woman relaxing on designer couches, enjoying kisses from her loyal dog, and taking the home's elevator to the top floor of her estate, which boasts spectacular views of the iconic Hollywood sign.

But looks are deceiving.

This woman doesn't really live in this particular home and the dog in the video is not even hers! This is the making of a Hollywood-style movie. It's the newest marketing strategy to sell pricey homes.

Real estate agent Eric Lavey hires actors and camera crews to make films complete with slick editing and musical scores to showcase properties like this particular $1.8 million home in the Hollywood Hills.

"The goal is show how it benefits the consumer and then separate it from the rest of the competition so that we stand alone," said Lavey of the extravagant video productions.

The budget to make these real estate movies ranges from several thousand dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The secret of real estate isn't just location, location, location. Now, its also lights, camera, action.