Father Of Stowaway Boy Conceals Identity At Press Conference

The father of the boy who snuck onto a plane to Las Vegas spoke at a press conference, but kept his identity hidden from the cameras. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

It was a truly bizarre press conference.

A man hiding his face is the father of the nine-year-old kid who sneaked onto a plane to Las Vegas. The distraught dad wept, and was consoled by a representative of an anti-delinquency group.

The father tearfully said, "Someone please help me. Please!"

The boy slipped past security at Minneapolis Airport and got on a Delta flight to Las Vegas last week. He was taken into child protective custody when the plane landed after a flight attendant grew suspicious.

The dad admitted he is baffled how his son managed to evade security. At a press conference, the father said, "He's not a terrorist. He's a nine-year-old child."

Two days before he got on the plane, the boy stole a truck and ran into a cop car, causing nearly $6,000 in damage.

It's  a parent's nightmare.