New Details Of Undercover Cop Allegedly Involved In Bikers Swarm

INSIDE EDITION reports on authorities claims that the undercover cop involved in the bikers swarm attack on a family, wasn't just an observer, but an active participant.

We're learning the full extent of an off-duty cop's involvement in the biker assault on a terrified family, and it's shocking.

The cop was riding a blood red bike and wearing a distinctive, brightly-colored helmet.

Wojciech Braszczok was one of the leaders of the pack as they chased the Range Rover up the West Side Highway in New York City.

When another biker opened the driver's door, Braszczok climbed off his bike but the driver, trying to protect his family, sped off.

When the luxury Range Rover was finally cornered, the off-duty officer can be seen on video approaching the passenger side of the Range Rover. Was he trying to rescue the family? Just the opposite, according to a Manhattan prosecutor who described what the cop allegedly did next.

The prosecutor said in court, "This defendant, your honor, is on video breaking the rear window of the SUV causing it to shatter. After breaking the window, he continues to the passenger side of the SUV where he is also on video kicking the passenger side rear window and door area multiple times. This defendant is continuing to terrorize the rest of the driver's family on the other side of the vehicle."

INSIDE EDITION asked New Yorkers on the street how they felt about it. One female resident said, "It doesn't make me feel too safe knowing that someone who's supposed to protect us is out there being the aggressor."

Another woman said, "He's a police officer. He's supposed to serve and protect!"

Braszczok is a 10-year veteran and worked undercover at the Occupy Wall Street protest in New York last year, living among the activists. He went by the name 'Al.' Pictures have surfaced showing him mingling with the protesters.

But there's another side to this cop. He's a member of a dating website where he goes by the moniker "Evovillen" and claims he's single, although The New York Times says he's still married.

He's also active on Twitter and Photobucket where he posts bare-chested selfies and pictures of himself posing with women at nightclubs.

Now, this cop is hiding his face in shame, like one of the bad guys he used to arrest.