Man Carjacked In His Own Driveway

An Atlanta real estate agent was carjacked in his own driveway and the thief turned out to be the world's worst driver. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

Imagine being carjacked in your own driveway. It happened to a homeowner in Atlanta and it was all captured on his home security camera.

Real estate agent Brad Edmonds was taking in his garbage cans when the carjacker walked up to him with his gun drawn. The young thug demanded the keys to Brad's luxury Mercedes and forced him back inside his house to get them.

He told INSIDE EDITION, "This guy pointed a gun at me and I put my hands up."

Somehow, Brad locked himself in the bathroom while the carjacker got the keys and made his getaway.

The bad guy turns out to be the world's worst driver! He only opened one-half of the gates and when he backed out he got wedged.

Brad describes what happened, "One door was stuck and he could not get out. He could not got out of the passenger side because it was wedged. He was actually stuck."

The carjacker drove back-and-forth, damaging the car and breaking off the side-view mirror. Finally, he gets free and took off.

Fortunately, the homeowner wasn't injured. But who would ever think you'd get carjacked in your own driveway.