Guy Crafts Elaborate Marriage Proposal

Did one man in Los Angeles create the most elaborate wedding proposal ever? INSIDE EDITION has the story.

It may have been history's most elaborate marriage proposal.

Justin Baldoni arranged for his beloved Emily Foxler to meet him at a restaurant in Los Angeles, when, suddenly, the groom-to-be popped up on a giant screen.

On screen he said, “I promise I’m not standing you up. I’m trying to propose!"

Thus began an epic 27 minute proposal that some are saying brings new meaning the words "over the top!"

It included songs and elaborate dance routines as Emily watched in wonder from the lower left corner of the screen.

INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret asked, "Why did you make this video?"

Justin said, "I am someone who I loves grand gestures. I love expressing my love in big ways."

Justin raced around like James Bond, eager to fulfill his marital mission. At long last, he reached the restaurant surrounded by loved ones, he popped the question to the tearful girl of his dreams.

He said, "Emily, will you marry me?"

She replied, "What a stupid question! Yeah!"

The whole thing is like a movie and this movie is getting good and bad reviews online.

One person wrote, "Such a beautiful couple and proposal."

Another said, "I cried the entire time!"

"Horrible!" said another viewer.

"This Really Is the Best or Worst Proposal Video Ever Made," said the headline on

And a newspaper in Australia bluntly asked: "Is this marriage proposal by Justin Baldoni the most cringe-worthy ever?"

Emily said, "I am sure not many people think it is not really real, that some of it is fake, that it is made up, it is just done over-the-top. They just don't like that. So, they have to complain about it."

Well, Justin and Emily are now happily married and that's what counts.