Illegal Skateboard Race 'Broadway Bomb' Sparks Disruption In Streets

In the wake of the bikers swarm attacking an SUV driver, police weren't taking any chances with an illegal skateboard race through the city streets. INSIDE EDITION has more.

There was chaos in the streets as more than a thousand skateboarders raced through the heart of New York City at breakneck speeds.  

The skateboarders took hair-raising risks, weaving in and out of traffic even in the Crossroads Of The World, Times Square.  

A helmet cam worn by one of the skateboarders showed how it went from their point of view.
The skateboarders gathered at a park on Manhattan's Upper West Side chanting "Broadway Bomb" the name of the annual, illegal skateboard race.

Cops were concerned that the race could trigger another serious road rage incident, like the notorious confrontation between a gang of bikers and a family in an SUV.

Police were taking no chances. They threw a net across the Great White Way—Broadway, and a helicopter tracked the skateboarders from the sky.

There were 35 arrests and many more citations as skateboarders tried to beat the barrier. There was anger as some were singled out for arrest, while others were allowed to skate on.

Despite the crackdown, hundreds of skateboarders managed to get through causing chaos along an eight-mile stretch of Broadway.

Fortunately, there was no violence like the horror we saw two weeks ago.