Transgender Model Breaking Barriers

Carmen Carrera is making a name for herself as a bombshell model, but you'd never guess she was born a boy. INSIDE EDITION talks to the model who's pushing barriers.

She's stunning, with the perfect bombshell body. Her name is Carmen Carrera. She has legs to die for and a voluptuous figure most women would envy. She's even featured in the pages of the prestigious fashion magazine W.

Carrera told INSIDE EDITION's Les Trent, "I like to push boundaries a little bit. But, for me, at the end of the day it's a show."

Now, brace yourself for a shock. Carrera was born a boy.

Yep, she grew up a boy named Christopher in Elmwood Park, New Jersey.

Watch Carrera Talk About Being A Model

Carrera recalled, "I would be like, 'Man, my life would be so much easier, I can be happier, if I can wake up tomorrow as a girl, then everything would be good.' I would be so jealous of my sister. She had her hair done nice. I grew up like that, wishing, and wishing, and wishing."

She says she worked hard, pretending to act like a boy so she wouldn't get bullied.

"I would say, 'I have to cut my hair, I have to do it like this, I have to wear this men's clothing' that didn't even fit me well," said Carrera.

When Carrera was in her early 20's, she decided it was time to become a woman.

She documented her transition on YouTube. She got breast implants and had fat removed from her stomach and put into her cheeks to give her those supermodel high cheekbones.

In the video Carrera said, "At least I don't look like a big dude."

Now, her dreams of becoming an in-demand model have come true.