Woman Clings For Dear Life In Drawbridge Mishap

When crossing a drawbridge a woman got the surprise of her life. INSIDE EDITION has the chilling 911 calls from the incident.

911 calls from that shocking incident at a drawbridge in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, have just been released. A woman was crossing the drawbridge when it started going up leaving her hanging for dear life.

911 Operator: "They are hanging on the bridge?"

Female caller: "The bridge is fully up now. It is vertical."

911 Operator: "I understand that, so they are hanging on the bridge."

A male caller called 911 and demanded, "Bring the bridge down now! I don't know how much longer she is going to be able to hold on."

Another caller said, "Oh my God! She's stuck up there!"

Bystanders called 911 and shared pictures of the drama on social media. Some said the woman reminded them of Jesus on the cross.

Now, everyone’s asking how could this have happened?

The drawbridge is usually in the up position. When a train comes, it's lowered. Pedestrians are not permitted on the bridge and there are clear No-Trespassing signs.

One report said the 55-year-old woman, who had just completed a breast cancer walk, was on the bridge taking pictures. When it started to lift, she tried to get off but didn't make it. There was nobody there to stop it. The drawbridge is operated remotely from 400 miles away in Tallahassee.

Drawbridge mishaps have happened before.

One motorist was caught at a terrifying 45 degree angle when a drawbridge in Oregon opened. Luckily, her brakes held and when the bridge closed and came down she drove away.

The owner of another vehicle wasn’t so lucky as the car slide down as a drawbridge in Holland opened, flipping and smashing on the roadway below.

Another motorist was left dangling when a drawbridge in Belgium opened unexpectedly.

The Florida woman managed to hold on for a tense 20 minutes until firefighters got there with a 24-foot ladder and helped her down. She was cheered by the crowd as she walked away, unhurt, but we're pretty sure she'll steer clear of drawbridges from now on.