Beyonce's First Boyfriend Lives With Regrets

Lyndall Locke must be kicking himself for not hanging onto his first girlfriend, Beyonce. INSIDE EDITION speaks to the man who didn't put a ring on it.

She's one of the world's greatest and most beautiful singers, married to Jay Z, the king of rap music.

Now, here's the man who was Beyonce's first boyfriend—the man who broke her heart!

Lyndall Locke, Beyonce's first boyfriend, said,  "We had a great time! We had fun!"

Lyndall Locke is 33 years old and works as a chef. He first laid eyes on Beyonce at a church choir in Houston twenty years ago.

INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret said to Locke, "You were 13, she was 11, what was your first reaction when you saw her?"

Locke replied, "Beautiful girl. I was just a boy!"

Locke revealed that they dated on and off for years. They made a beautiful couple wherever they went.

Moret asked Locke, "Did you think you two would end up together and marry?"

"I mean, that was the whole plan!" Locke exclaimed.

But Locke admitted that he cheated on her. Just imagine—he lost the heart of a superstar who's now worth an estimated $300 million!

Locke also revealed, "'There were some indiscretions—stupid indiscretions I regretted."

Moret said, "You let Beyonce get away!"

Locke responded with a laugh, "Yeah. Story of my life!"