Another Maryville Teen Comes Forward With Rape Accusations

INSIDE EDITION speaks with a second teenage girl who says she was also raped by a football player at her high school.

A second girl is now coming forward to say she was raped by a high school athlete in the small town of Maryville, Missouri.

Paige Parkhurst sat beside her best friend, Daisy Coleman and their mothers and said, "I was taken to another room and was sexually assaulted."

Daisy is the cheerleader whose family was run out of town and their home burned to the ground after she accused a high school football star of rape.

Paige says she was also sexually assaulted at the same party.

Paige told INSIDE EDITION, "She was completely incoherent. She couldn't walk. She couldn't talk. She was pretty much babbling like a baby."

Daisy says she was given something to drink and doesn't remember what happened. But Paige says she remembers everything, telling INSIDE EDITION the athletes carried her friend to a car and drove the girls back to Daisy's house.

Paige said, "They dropped her in the yard and told me to go inside and that it was going to be okay, that she just needed to sober up."

Two high school athletes were arrested for sexually assaulting the girls, but the charges against both were dropped two months later.

Matthew Barnett, the high school football star accused of raping Daisy, is the grandson of Rex Barnett, a prominent politician and former member of the Missouri House of Representatives.

The prosecutor says the charges were dropped because there was "insufficient evidence" and the girls refused to testify.

Melinda Coleman said, "That's absolutely not true. We were always willing to testify."

Sheriff Darren White defends the decision to drop the charges and he thinks it's time for Daisy and Paige to move on with their lives.

Sheriff White said, "To say that they were willing to cooperate would be absolutely untrue. If they truly want to heal and they do want to get over this."

The case is now sparking nationwide outrage with Missouri Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder calling for a grand jury investigation, saying: "The appalling facts in the public record shock the conscience and cry out that responsible authorities must take another look."

The hacker group Anonymous is vowing to fight for Daisy and Paige, just like it did in the shocking rape case involving high school football players in Steubenville, Ohio.

The town of Maryville, Missouri, population 12,000 has locked itself under a dome of tight security, even shutting down the town's website.

Greg McDaniel, Maryville City Manager said, "We've gotten threats, both over the internet and email, and as a community we're pretty stunned by some of these threats."

But the two teenagers who say they want justice are grateful the entire country is now hearing their story.

Daisy told INSIDE EDITION, "It's just incredible that we've had that support when we've never had it before."

Paige added, "We've been waiting a very long time."