Charisma Carpenter Reveals Real-Life Drama

She was a star of TV's Buffy, the Vampire Slayer, but now, Charisma Carpenter is opening up about her real-life scare. INSIDE EDITION has her story.

You might think actress Charisma Carpenter has led a charmed life. She was a star on Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

But Carpenter is also a victim of a nightmare crime, an ordeal she is reliving on a new TV show.

Carpenter said, "I was caught in a horrific real-life drama."

In 1991, she was 22-years-old and working as a San Diego Chargers cheerleader. She and two friends were at the beach when she was attacked.

Carpenter told INSIDE EDITION, "I was derobing. I heard rustling. I heard noises and he startled me, so I screamed and he presented himself at that point with a hose over his face and a gun."  

Carpenter's attacker was a serial rapist.

She detailed, "I said, 'Are you going to rape me?' And he said, 'You bet your sweet "a" I am.' "

But before the rapist could carry out his evil plan, Carpenter's two friends heard her screams and came running up the beach. Both were shot and seriously wounded in the struggle. Carpenter fled for her life and got help.

Her attacker, later turned out to be a cop. That's right—a rogue San Diego police officer named Henry Hubbard Jr. He pled guilty to raping eight women.

Now, Carpenter is reliving her ordeal as the host of Surviving Evil, a show on the cable channel Investigation Discovery, which tells the stories of victims who fought back and survived against all odds.

Carpenter concluded, "Listen to your insticts. If you get a bad vibe, you're probably right."