Faux Dodger Mascot Shows Off For Dustin Hoffman

A man in a bear costume began jumping on top of the bullpen right in front of Oscar winner Dustin Hoffman at a recent Dodger playoff game. INSIDE EDITION asked the man why he did it.

Why did Dustin Hoffman look so confused at Tuesday nights Dodger game? Because there was a dancing bear doing the splits right in front of him.

It happened at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles when out-of-the-blue, a fan in a bear suit jumped up on the dug out right in front of the Oscar winner and started dancing.

The home crowd, including the veteran actor, clearly loved the bear's team spirit. They weren't happy when security put an end to his antics.

The bear was tossed from the game!  He's been banned from the ballpark for six months and Dodgers fans are up in arms.

“Free the bear!," wrote one angry fan on Twitter.

“We won with the bear! We want the bear back!,” wrote another.

So who's the dude in the bear costume?

His name is Mark Monninger. He's the owner of an office furniture store and needless to say, he's a huge Dodger's fan.

He said he meant no harm and hopes the Dodgers reconsider his punishment. He wants them to hire him as their official mascot.

He told INSIDE EDITION, "They never had one and they never had one like me. I am considering that my audition."

We know one Dodger fan who wouldn't mind seeing more of the dancing bear.