Road Rage Death Leaves Model's Family Devastated

A senseless act of road rage left one aspiring model dead and other drivers fearing for their lives as a crazed driver took over the streets. INSIDE EDITION speaks to the victim's family.

A terrified woman called 911 as a driver, filled with rage, tried to run her off the road.

The caller said, “He's been following our car. He just hit us. He just hit us.”

The driver, 48-year-old Michael Williams, was crazy and out of his mind when he caused a disaster.

The 911 operator asked, “Are you hurt?”

The caller replied, “No, but we're not going to stop. Do not stop.”

Seconds later, the driver tried to pass them by moving into the opposite lane. What happened next was tragedy.  

Caller: “He's about to hit somebody head-on. He just hit somebody head-on. No! No! No!”
911 operator: “Ma'am, ma'am? Calm down.”
Caller: “He just hit somebody head-on going about 70 miles an hour.”

He smashed into a white SUV instantly killing 20-year-old Chelsea Gerrish.

The road rage driver in a red pickup was traveling  in the wrong lane. Chelsea and two friends were coming over a blind hill. They had no chance to get out of the way.

Chelsea's family is mourning her senseless death. She was just getting started in life as an aspiring model who was paying the bills by waiting tables at a local restaurant.

Her sister, Lianna Angrisani, told INSIDE EDITION’s Les Trent, “She was taken away too soon, much too soon.”

Trent asked, “The first thing I feel for you guys is sadness, but it is also maddening.”

Chelsea's mother said, “It is madness, it is sickening."

The raging driver, Williams, a married father of three, was also killed instantly. The police still have no idea what triggered his road rage.

Corporal Kevin Holbrook told INSIDE EDITION, “This individual was mad for some reason. He was mad at this particular vehicle. We may never know what was going through his mind.”

There were two passengers in the car with Chelsea who somehow survived. Mia Fort was in the front seat. Fighting through the pain, she limped to the podium at Chelsea’s funeral to pay tribute to her friend.

She said, “She had such a great personality. Everyone loved her.”

Chelsea also leaves behind a two-year-old son, Aiden. The toddler broke free and ran to his grandfather as he was giving the eulogy.

Chelsea’s father tearfully said, “This is Aiden, for anybody that doesn't know, he looks just like his mama.”

No one can make sense of this tragedy, a little boy's mother taken away by an act of stupidity.

Lianna said, “We lost somebody dear to our hearts and it's not fair.”