Halloween Decorations Have Neighbors Calling 911

Halloween decorations at one home had neighbors so alarmed they called 911. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

A grizzly scene had neighbors calling 911. It looked like a man had been decapitated by a garage door and another guy had seemingly been run over by a truck.

911 Operator: “What is the exact location of your emergency?”
Caller: “I'm reporting an odd kind of scary scene, I guess. It looked like his head was closed in to the garage door.”
911 Operator: “Shut into the garage door?”
Caller: “Yes.”

Cops and paramedics raced to the scene. Instead of death and destruction, they found a Halloween display. The bloody mayhem was all fake!

The house belongs to Johnnie Mullins, a Halloween fanatic whose realistic decorations are really freaking out his neighbors near Oklahoma City.

He told INSIDE EDITION, “The reaction has been pretty intense.”

Watch Mullins and His Neighbors Talk About The Decorations

One neighbor said, “I drove back and forth and wondered, is that real or is it not?”

Johnnie made his “victims" using old clothes and fake blood.

He said, “I got a pillow right here in his back to make it look more realistic.”

To calm his neighbors, he has added a vintage hearse and caution tape to make the whole thing seem more like a goof and put a stop to those 911 calls.