Cameraman Who Captured Goblin Valley Toppling Has Connection To Jodi Arias Murder Trial

Dave Hall, the man who vidoetaped his friend destroying a national treasure, was once good friends with Travis Alexander. INSIDE EDITION has more.

They're the knuckleheads who whooped it up while destroying a 200 million-year-old national treasure. Now, INSIDE EDITION learned that one of them has a bizarre connection to the notorious Jodi Arias.

Dave Hall was the man behind the camera and he can be heard singing, '"Wiggle it," as he egged the others on. But it's not his first time in the national spotlight.

He was the best friend of Travis Alexander, who was murdered by girlfriend Jodi Arias. He became emotional in court as the verdict of guilty was read last May. Additionally, Dave Hall was a regular on TV where he discussed the case throughout the sensational trial. 

Hall was quoted in a series of interviews, "Travis was one of the funniest guys you could ever hang around with. We would go through it all again just to defend his honor."

Hall and companion Glenn Taylor earned national scorn for the damage to Utah's Goblin Valley State Park.

Travis Alexander and Dave Hall had lots of fun times together. In a video, Travis can be seen doing the chicken dance with his buddies. Even Jodi Arias was seen as she briefly came into the picture frame.
You have to wonder what Travis would have thought about his friend's now notorious video of a national treasure being damaged forever.