INSIDE EDITION Anniversary Celebrated With Jeopardy! Category

INSIDE EDITION had our very own category on Jeopardy! and we caught up with contestant Nolan Martch who really knows our show!

It's quite an honor having our own category on Jeopardy!

On Monday night, Jeopardy! helped us celebrate our 25th anniversary by devoting an entire category to questions about INSIDE EDITION, and the contestants really knew their stuff.

Nolan Martch, a 27-year-old construction foreman from Illinois, was just two years old when INSIDE EDITION first came on the air, but he has an impressive knowledge of our show.

Deborah Norville asked Martch, "When you saw INSIDE EDITION as a category, did you think, 'Yes, I got this nailed.' "

"I watch INSIDE EDITION everyday, so when I saw that, I kind of lit up," said Martch.

Martch got four of the five INSIDE EDITION questions right. Contestant Bill Tolany, a marketing executive, beat him to the buzzer on the $800 question which was: At the 1994 winter Olympics, "I.E." had exclusive rights to her story, what with the kneecapping on her rival & all."

Tolany answered, "Who is Tonya Harding."

Martch told Norville, "I knew the answer, I just didn't get to the buzzer."

Unfortunately, Martch's knowledge of INSIDE EDITION wasn't enough to win the night. So, we wanted to give him a do-over with our own bonus Jeopardy! question.

Deborah asked Martch, "Here is my INSIDE EDITION Jeopardy! question for you: This television personality with a chilly name but a foreign accent welcomed viewers to the first edition of INSIDE EDITION."

"Who is David Frost," answered Martch.

"You win a copy of the INSIDE EDITION The Way We Are book, which is just out today. And because you are such a smart guy about our television show, you are winning a smart television which we are having delivered to your home in the Chicago area."

"Oh jeez! Thank you! Oh jeez," exlaimed Martch.

Deborah added, "We are thrilled that you are such a loyal viewer and all of us here at INSIDE EDITION send our warm thoughts and congratulations to you,"

"Thank you!" concluded Martch.