Hot Air Balloon Stunt Has People Calling 911

A man dangling from a hot air balloon sparked a flood of 911 calls, but what was really going on? INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

A man was seen dangling from a hot air balloon, swinging back and forth high in the sky. People were so concerned, calls came pouring in to 911.

One caller said, "There is a guy dangling from a hot air balloon."

Another said, "There's a yellow hot air balloon up in the air and I swear there's a person hanging from it. It's really troubling."

It turns out, it was all a stunt!

Dan Vinson was shooting a video to promote workout equipment called Monkey Bars, which he was actually using to do pull ups under the balloon.

INSIDE EDITION's Paul Boyd told Vinson, "A lot of people were concerned for your safety."

Vinson replied, "We didn't expect to be so close to so many people. We are aware of the concern."

Matt Lauer joked on the Today show, "It's a great workout until he lands on your head."

On Good Morning America, Josh Elliott said, "Yes, he was wearing a harness. Yes, that does not make any of it okay."

Dave Hunt runs the workout gear company. He told INSIDE EDITION, "We thought if we can do a workout hanging under a hot air balloon, then people could use these Monkey Bars anywhere. We didn't mean to cause alarm to anybody."