Joan Rivers In Feud With Neighbor

A neighbor of Joan Rivers says the comedienne was involved in having her locked out of her luxury New York apartment. INSIDE EDITION has the dish.

There's drama on Manhattan's posh Fifth Avenue.

A wealthy socialite has been locked out of her luxury apartment, allegedly by Joan Rivers.

Elizabeth Hazan told INSIDE EDITION, "This door is never locked. Has never been locked for ages."

She called the cops, but even they couldn't get in.

Joan lives in the building's penthouse apartment and she's the president of the co-op board. So effectively, she runs the building.

Rivers showed off her $30 million luxury pad in the 2010 documentary, A Piece Of Work. It's furnished in the style of a French chateau.
"This is my apartment and it's very grand. This is how Marie Antoinette would have lived if she had money," said Rivers in the documentary.

Rivers claims her neighbor, Elizabeth Hazan, who lives on the first floor, is behind on her maintenance fees to the tune of $200,000, and it's a knock down, drag-out catfight.

Hazan told INSIDE EDITION, "She spit on my face. She called me names."

Hazan is suing Rivers, and the building for $15 million. She claims Joan Rivers ordered the building's doormen to turn off her electricity and even poured glue into her locks to keep her out.

"She thinks she owns the building. She doesn't. She only owns one unit. One horrible unit," said Hazan.

Asked about the glue allegation, Rivers couldn't resist a wisecrack, telling reporters, "Oh for God sakes. I wouldn't do that. I have a staff."

Rivers had nothing nice to say about her neighbor.

"My lawyers are handling it. However, apparently, there's somebody in Miami she's done this to, in Pennsylvania she's done this to, in Chicago she's done this to. So apparently, allegedly, she's a very smart lady," Rivers told reporters.

Hazan finally got into her apartment today and she had one parting shot for Joan Rivers.

"I hope she's gonna be homeless, Joan Rivers," said Hazan.

Hazan's attorney told us his client has won all previous lawsuits against her.