Father Who Mimicked Daughter's Tantrum Becomes Internet Sensation

When Keiron Sterner mocked his daughters screaming fit he didn't think he would become a viral sensation. INSIDE EDITION spoke to the father and got his daughter's reaction.

Keiron Sterner is the dad who rocketed to fame and notoriety by lip-synching to his daughter's hysterical tantrum.

Now, meet the little girl who screamed, the dad who mocked her, and the brother who laughed all the way through that infamous video gone viral!

The trouble started in the Sterner household when six-year-old Anika didn't want to come to dinner. Instead, she stomped off to her room and started screaming.

Incredibly, she screamed for an hour which is when her dad, Keiron, began the remarkable lip-synching routine outside her room which was caught-on-tape by his wife.

Some have been critical of dad's tantrum, but Anika's reaction to the video is priceless. She laughed when she watched it with INSIDE EDITION’s Paul Boyd.

Boyd asked Keiron, "There was nothing mean-spirited here, was there?"

He replied, "Absolutely not. Of course not. This is all in fun, this is to lighten the mood."

The lesson for today? The family that screams together, laughs together.