Farrah Fawcett's Secret Letters Revealed

INSIDE EDITION speaks with Greg Lott, who says he was Farrah Fawcett's secret lover for more than a decade.

Love letters have just been revealed between Farrah Fawcett and Greg Lott, the man who says he was her secret lover for 11 years.

Lott told Jim Moret of INSIDE EDITION, “She was the love of my life and vice versa.”

He disclosed a stack of letters and cards that Farrah sent him for 11 years, before her death in 2009.

"Not a day goes by that I don't think of you," Farrah wrote on a Christmas card to Lott. She signed the card with "All My Love Forever, Farrah." On another card to Lott, she printed "I LOVE YOU!" in huge capital letters.

 “She was the sweetest, kindest person I ever knew in my life,” said Lott.

He and Farrah met at the University of Texas in the 1960s. It was just a few years later that she rocketed to fame on Charlie's Angels.

Lott says they renewed their romance in 1998 and kept it secret until the day she died, even through her long and storied relationship with actor Ryan O'Neal.

Refering to O’Neal, he said, “I tried to get him to let me to say good-bye to her, and he barred me from the funeral.”

The two men in Farrah's life have tangled before. Lott confronted O'Neal in 2009, furious that he wasn't allowed to see Farrah before she died of cancer.

“I wanted to swing at him. And coming from West Texas, I challenged him and he's a coward,” said Lott.

Lott is now planning to testify in a bitter lawsuit between O'Neal and the University of Texas over ownership of an Andy Warhol painting of Farrah worth $30 million.  

Farrah left the painting to the university in her will, but O'Neal, who got nothing in her estate, claims it belongs to him.

Caught outside his Malibu home, O'Neal had no comment about the pending lawsuit over Farrah's painting.

Lott, who Farrah called "My Darling Greg," visits her gravesite whenever he's in Los Angeles. By revealing their intimate love letters, he says he's fulfilling the wishes of the love of his life.

Lott expressed, “I hope that everything he's taken from her will be taken from him, and her wishes will be served.”