Recliner Built For A Mountain 350 Feet Up

Dallin Smith is literally hanging out on his new chair, built specifically for a mountain, that sits 350 feet above the ground! INSIDE EDITION has more.

This guy is sitting in a lounge chair 350 feet above the ground!

That's right. He's taking it easy high in the sky in a recliner for climbers.

Dallin Smith, an avid rock climber, told INSIDE EDITION, "It's a thrill and a rush but it's about as much of a rush as you can get sitting down."
Smith found the perfect spot to hang out in his special chair on a nearly vertical cliff outside Salt Lake City. The views are to die for of the Great Salt Lake and Brigham Young University in nearby Provo.

Smith fashioned the chair from rope and a metal frame. It's attached to two anchors that he's already hammered into the rock. Some people say he's crazy but he says it's perfectly safe because he has two bolts securing each anchor.

First, Smith rappelled 20 terrifying feet over the edge of the cliff with the chair hanging onto his belt. Remember, he was dangling from a rope 350 feet up! One wrong move and it will be his last. Finally he swung into the chair. Then, his girlfriend Chelsea rappelled down the cliff to join him in their makeshift loveseat.

Talk about taking a relationship to new heights.