Phineas The Dog Saved At Last

Phineas the yellow lab was in line to be put to sleep in a smalll Missouri town until he was mysteriously saved. INSIDE EDITION has more.

Phineas the death row dog has been found! He's not only alive, he's about to be reunited with his  family.

"Phineas is alive," cheered Lexi, one of the dog's owners.

Phineas is the four-year-old golden Lab who has been on doggy death row for allegedly biting a neighbor's daughter. Gary Brown, the mayor of the little town of Salem, Missouri ordered Phineas to be put down.

The mayor told INSIDE EDITION, "The dog needs to go. Case closed, bottom line."

Eight-year-old Lexi Sanders begged for her dog's life, "Please don't kill my dog."
And supporters took to the streets of Salem and protested.

Then, Phineas mysteriously disappeared—snatched from the veterinary clinic—which was serving as a temporary death row.

Lexi said, "Someone dognapped Phineas."

At first, it was thought that some angry citizen had murdered Phineas, while others believed a dog lover had stolen him to save his life. Finally, a break in the case.

Amber, Lexi's mother, told INSIDE EDITION, "A guy came by our house and told us he took Phineas and he was safe." The identity of the stranger who took Phineas is a mystery. 
Now, Phineas is off the hook. His attorney, Joe Simon, got the death sentence reversed after evidence was shown that the bite marks on the child's body were not caused by Phineas.

Amber said, "Without Joe, we'd still be fighting for him or he'd be dead by now."

At long last, Phineas is back with the family that loves him.