Singing Mother Explains Baby's Reaction To Lullaby

INSIDE EDITION spoke to the mother whose lullaby caused a wide range of reaction from her baby and others.

A video is turning on the waterworks all across America of a mother singing a sad song that brought tears to the eyes of her baby daughter.

A 10-month-old Mary Lynn’s beautiful face scrunched up in tears as she listened to her mom's rendition of the Rod Stewart ballad "My Heart Can't Tell You No."

Amanda Leroux never dreamed that the video, shot by her husband, would go viral, with nearly five million hits on YouTube.

INSIDE EDITION's Diane McInerney asked, "What is it like knowing this has gone on to become such a huge YouTube sensation?"

Amanda said, "Mindboggling. We are still in disbelief."

The baby's range of emotions is extraordinary. She smiles, frowns, and of course, there were tears galore.

People everywhere love the video, but some are confused.

McInerney said, "One person said, 'I think the kid is scared and confused.'"

Amanda said, "I know my baby, she is not scared."

In the end, everybody's happy.