Kidnap Victim Recounts Ordeal Of Kidnapper Calling 911

911 operators were surprised to learn that a kidnapping call came from the kidnapper himself. INSIDE EDITION has the report.

Elizabeth Hamilton was the woman at the center of a terrifying kidnapping ordeal. Hamilton was kidnapped at gunpoint by her deranged ex-boyfriend, Brett Curtis.

He waited for her outside her job at a mall in Lakeland, Florida where she works at a health spa.

During a high speed police chase, Curtis called 911 and said, “I have kidnapped my ex-fiancée. If he continues to follow me. I will kill her.”

She spoke about her ordeal for the first time, only to INSIDE EDITION, saying, “I started to scream. I yelled for help. He told me to stop and to be quiet or he was going to hurt me."

Curtis shoved her in the back seat of his car at gunpoint and headed south on Florida’s I-95. Hamilton had dated Curtis for three years but when things didn't work out, she left him.

“He told me I was a dead woman, that he was going to come and kill me and my family,” she said.

When she didn't come home from work, her mom called police. They found Curtis’ car on I-95 and gave chase. That is when he called 911 and told them to back off.

Curtis said to the 911 operator, “You're risking this woman's life. We're heading south on I-95. You've got three officers ganging up on me right now and I have enough ammunition to kill her and myself. Don't [expletive] play with me."

The chase was captured on police dash cam.

Curtis said to the 911 operator, “If he continues to follow me I will fire warning shots. The third shot will not be a warning. Is that understood?”
911 operator: ‘So you have a weapon on you?”
Curtis: “Okay, you guys don't seem to want to believe me. If you don't stop [expletive] following me.”

Inside the car, Hamilton said she was freaking out as Curtis got more desperate.

Curtis told 911: “I am going to take this young lady back to her home. You will not intercede. You will not bother us. Is that understood? Either the police stay off my ass and they stay well back or I will hurt people.”
911 operator: “Okay.”

But the police would not back down. So Curtis tried a new tactic, putting Hamilton on the phone.

Hamilton told the 911 operator: “I have been kidnapped and we are being followed. And he's going to maybe kill me if they keep following him.
Curtis: “Get them off my ass."
911 operator: “Sir, why don't you just pull over so we can end this peacefully?”
Curtis: “That's not going to happen. So back the [expletive] up.”
911 operator: “Sir, why don't you just pull over and let's end this peacefully?”
Curtis: “I heard you the first time. It's not going to happen. Maybe you didn't hear me. Back them up or I start opening fire.”

Curtis was finally stopped when cops placed spikes across the road. When he realized it was over, Curtis turned the gun on himself and pulled the trigger.

Hamilton told INSIDE EDITION, "I am just thinking about my family right now and how lucky I am to be alive. I didn't think I would ever see my family again."