Morning TV Goes Wild For Halloween

Matt Lauer went all out for Halloween this year, and he wasn't the only TV personality to do so. INSIDE EDITION covered morning TV and their Halloween festivities.

It's Matt Lauer's most outrageous Halloween costume ever!

The Today show co-host dressed in drag as Baywatch's Pamela Anderson, acting out her famous slow-mo run. Everyone was talking about his fake curves.

Matt was actually wearing a full bodysuit under a red one-piece. Real Baywatch star Carmen Electra was on hand to give him advice.

Lauer said, "There's a lot of plastic. There's a lot of foam rubber. There's something called a concealer, which I hope you never have to experience, and I can't wait to get off right now. They wanted me to bleach my legs and bleach my arm hair, and that's where I drew the line."

We were behind-the-scenes as the entire Today show team paid tribute to classic TV shows. Natalie Morales and Savannah Guthrie dressed as Laverne & Shirley. Al Roker went as The A-Team's Mr. T. And Hoda and Kathie Lee as The Flintstone's Betty and Wilma.

Over at Good Morning America, George Stephanopoulos dressed up as another George—George Clooney in Gravity. Robin Roberts was picture-perfect in her portrayal of Scandal's intense star, Kerry Washington. Josh Elliott was Anchorman's Ron Burgundy. He told us the movie studio lent him Will Ferrell's actual costume. 

"It's the actualy suit, and it turns out that Will Ferrell is also a fairly large fellow," said Elliott.

Lara Spencer wore the most popular costume this Halloween—Miley Cyrus.

So did Kelly Ripa. It was one of a staggering 14 costumes for Kelly and 13 for Michael Strahan on Live!

Kelly Ripa told INSIDE EDITION, "My daughter, who's 12 said, 'Moms don't twerk,' and I was like, 'You are wrong. Moms do twerk."

The View's Jenny McCarthy dressed as Miley's tongue.

All across the dial, the costume changes came fast and furious, with one message, echoed by Kelly Ripa: "Happy Halloween everyone!"