Celebs Go All Out For Halloween

Some of Hollywood's A-listers went almost unrecognizable in their Halloween costumes. INSIDE EDITION has the details on who went as what.

Does one particular frail old lady look familiar? Would you believe it was Heidi Klum!

She was transformed from the great beauty that she is into a wrinkly old woman who needed a cane. It took a team of makeup artists to age Klum using prosthetics, bulging veins, and even liver spots.

Hollywood pals Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy took their kids trick or treating in Los Angeles, dressed as bearded fishermen.

Fun and games aside, Halloween is also a time when law enforcement fears child predators will strike. INSIDE EDITION’s Jim Moret went along with Los Angeles police as they checked out the homes of registered sex offenders 

The Halloween rules for the parolee’s are strict.

Moret spoke to a parole officer and said, "There is a curfew for these folks from 5 p.m. to 5 a.m. So, there is 12 hours they cannot leave the house." The officer nodded.

Sex offenders can display no Halloween decorations and under no circumstances can they answer the door for anyone but police on Halloween.

Moret asked, "Just turning your lights on would be a violation?"

The officer said, "Yes."

Moret asked, "You have to make it look like no one is home?"

"Yes," the officer said.

None of the sex offenders we encountered with agents was found in violation of his parole.