Meet the Original Hooters Girl

INSIDE EDITION sits down with Lynne Austin, the original Hooters girl, to celebrate the restaurant's 30th anniversary.

The wing joint known for its waitresses in low cut tank tops and neon orange short-shorts is celebrating its 30th anniversary.

Believe it or not, it all started with just one Hooter's girl.

Lynne Austin is the original Hooters girl. Back in the early 80's, when Austin was 22 years old and competing in a bikini contest, she got an offer she couldn't refuse. Hooter's co founder Ed Droste spotted her at the contest.

Dorste to INSIDE EDITION, "She epitomized that blonde, California surfer look."

Austin started working at the original Hooter's in Clearwater and once she slipped into the now famous skimpy hooter's uniform, magic happened.

Before she knew it, Lynne Austin's face was everywhere, from billboards to race cars. Then came appearances on the hit sitcom Married with Children.

Today over 300,000 Hooter's girls have worn to orange shorts since Lynne first slipped them on 30 years ago.

Austin said, "It really is a sisterhood."

And the girls couldn't resist trying to coax Austin into those orange short-shorts one more time but Austin said, "I wouldn't put on the uniform right now for the Queen of England."